Access to Advocacy: the BLF Project

Some real stories …………..

You are a frail, eighty-eight year old who is hard of hearing and suffering mild memory loss. One day there is a knock on the door. It is bailiffs who are enforcing a Council Tax debt that you have no idea you had. You are terrified. What do you do?

Your carers often don’t turn up leaving you helpless unable to cook a hot meal or get to your bedroom upstairs. You have no family willing to help and your partner has died as have many of your friends. Who do you call? You are living in damp, poor quality housing and can no longer manage the stairs or use the bath. You are not very good on the phone and you don’t like to be a nuisance……

Many older people live in very difficult circumstances not knowing how to manage. Often, we find that they have attempted to get help elsewhere but found that no-one would take the time to really listen and seek to understand. If people cannot understand how their lives have spiralled out of control, it is very difficult for them to explain to someone else.

The Access to Advocacy project, supported by the Big Lottery Fund, helps people to find their voice and supports them to resolve their issues while empowering them to feel in control again. For information on our drop-ins, see the next page.

Gina Aston

Director: Advocacy for Older People in Greenwich