Money Management Service

We offer free, independent advocacy support to older people on a range of issues. We do, however, charge for a number of particular financial services.

Bank Account / Bills Management

We will help you to

Cash Delivery

If you find it difficult to access your money, we can arrange regular cash deliveries to your home and also check your paperwork to ensure your financial matters are up-to date.

Purchasing Service

We can make purchases on your behalf and where necessary arrange delivery

Mary is a lady in her 70’s whose husband died suddenly last October. Because her husband had always dealt with the household finances, she was left with numerous financial issues relating to the Local Authority and British Gas. Our Advocate was able to support her in retrieving over £1,100 worth of overpayments and to regularise her ongoing bills and to allow her to understand her finances in general.

George was a victim of serious financial abuse which led to him being evicted from his home. He was lost in a never ending cycle of debt collection letters and being in fear of dealing with these companies. Things were so bad that his health was seriously affected and he was left feeling depressed and anxious. Our Advocate was able to clarify priority debt and engage with a Debt Management Organisation which reduced his anxiety.

For further information or to find out if we can help you, call: 020 8269 0298.