What is a volunteer advocate?

What does an advocate do?

An advocate can help in lots of different ways. It depends on what an older person wants. Some examples are:

Advocates do not 'take over' an older person's life and decisions are their own.

"You were the only people who came to help me - I asked others but no-one would come. Thank you"

Could you be a volunteer advocate?

If you are:

If you are interested in any of these activities, please contact us for more information and an application pack or download the role description and application form below.


"I enjoy my role as an advocate. It is rewarding knowing that you are helping. Sometimes it is a challenge but overall I'm really glad I decided to do it"

We welcome enquiries from people from all backgrounds. We are looking for local people. We are not looking for experts - we will provide training and support. We also pay any reasonable expenses (for example for travel).

Find out more about the training we offer